rithul's avatar Rithul Kamesh

Hi, I'm Rithul

I'm a 16.5 year old student in Bangalore, India and I love making web apps and games. I recently started discovering my interest in hardware and decided to make a podcast and a blog revolved around it. I'm currently working on a software to store your great ideas called Sumbox!

I'm in 12th grade @ BGS National Public School, Expecting to graduate in 2023, and my hobbies include Coding, Listening to music. I am interested in Web Development, Game Development, UI/UX Design, Hardware, Podcasting and Writing.

Where to find me?

If you find my work interesting, you can mail me, or send a message on discord @ rithulkamesh#2924. You'll also find me active in the Hack Club Slack. I also have my own discord server which u can join here!

Things I've Built


A Macro Keyboard made with Raspberry Pi Pico

Built with

An anonymous chatting app made with socket.io

Built with

A simple idea bank made in rust

Built with

A current task widget for Ubersicht

Built with
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